Pierre Hamblenne, Administrateur Délégué, J&JOY S.A.

Competitives prices, an impressive availability and an outstanding quality ! A real pleasure to work with you…

Christian Dandoy, Close

I wanted to thank you and your team, for your dedicated service so our parcel would reach its destination without a scratch despite strikes. It is rare for our clients these days to be so vigilant. I won’t hesitate to tell this annecdote to my colleagues and my bosses.

Yves Kouami, Import/Export Manager, Agusta Aerospace Services s.a.

Having used TGV Transports service on a regular basis for helicopter parts, I want to testify of their remarkable service, their professionalism in the search for appropriate solutions for our shipments.
TGV Transports always seeks relevant means for a fast delivery without any damage to our parts.
After years of collaboration, I have no doubt that TGV Transports will succeed in its evolution in the transportation world.

Christophe Dominique, Trans’hit

Trans’hit works with TGV Transports for about 10 years now. Our collaboration gets closer every day ! The service quality of TGV Transports as well as its availability and its reactivity allows us to fulfill, without ever failing, all our clients needs.

Pierre Moës, Colona

Service is always perfect, both for express service and groupage. Every person at TGV Transports is mindful of our requirements and quickly reacts to any of our requests. Drivers are polite and helpful. TGV Transports is the ideal partner for all our shipments.

Jean-Marc Sluyters, Chief Executive Officer / General Manager, GEMACO

Since the start of our activity in 1996, we have used multiple transport companies depending on the goods, its origin and destination, delay, price and required services. Vincent Grifgnée and his TGV Transports team 24/7 found us solutions that were fast, reliable, profitable and fitting in every situation. A friendly relationship based on trust quickly grew and we have the pleasure to work with them for 15 years now. We wish them the best.

Eric Dodemont, Administrateur délégué, Fassi Belgium

Hereby, we are pleased to announce that you’ve been selected as the “First” transport company for year 2015 ! Following years of services, we have rated your company with others we used based on the follow criterias: respect of delivery time, price versus services and available “last minute”. We thank you for the past services and the ones to come and hope our collaboration will last for a long time.

David Créteur, StaroTrans Antwerpen

Onze ervaringen met TGV Transports (reeds 5 jaar) zijn zeer positief. Anders blijf je natuurlijk ook niet samenwerken. Prijs/kwaliteit-verhouding = perfect. Goede communicatie en stipt. 9,5/10 !

Olivier Blanc, Heppner Transport & Logistics

Our partnership with TGV Transports goes back many years and involves tons of freight between Belgium and France on a daily basis. More than a partnership, a real cross-border friendship and a reliability that only match the friendliness of the team.

Mathieu Groell, Heppner Transport & Logistics

We have been working with TGV Transports for several years, in which we have witnessed the speed and efficiency of the offered service. If we add the flexibility and friendliness of the team, we have all the reasons that makes them a must-keep partner.

Gianni Berrittella, Magetralux s.a.

There is only one word that best describes you: EFFICIENCY.

Gauthier GALVEZ, Responsable Chartering, Groupe TFM

TGV, just like the famous high speed train, is quality efficient fast tansportation service. One call = one precise answer and a solution. No “maybe”, no “you should call again later”… And that’s all what a shipper could ask for, no more no less. And cherry on top of the cake: proactive and efficient information feedback. Thank you for the dedicated years of good services, which we hope can last for long.

Laurent Roger, ICARUS

A transport company that you can trust, reliable fleet, professional drivers, always listening to the customers. Deadlines are always met and the follow up on our shipments is always at its best.