Transport and Delivery Services

Transportation and groupage

Transportation and groupage

TGV Transports SA is the specialist for groupage transport towards Benelux and France (mainly Alsace with about ten weekly liaisons). Deliveries to other destinations can be scheduled on demand.

Your shipments are picked up, stored, grouped, and delivered to the chosen destination. We guarantee the best conditions in terms of delivery time and transport costs.

TGV Transports SA handles all kinds of parcels, from the smallest package to several pallets, including dangerous goods (ADR transport).

Our fleet is made of several new carriers, vans and trailers perfectly serviced to ensure maximal efficiency and protection for each freight. All our vehicles are fitted with a Trimble track & trace system that provides their exact location at any moment.

Do you need a price offer for your express delivery? Contact our sales department right now!

Express delivery and tailored transportation

Need an express delivery?

TGV Transports SA responds promptly upon your request! A courier dedicated to your order then picks up your parcel and guarantees a fast and optimized delivery.

  • No matter the size, every urgent delivery is handled, from a simple package under seal to a full 24-ton truck.

Our sales department is always available to answer all your questions and provide a quotation.

Express delivery
Logistic storage

Logistic storage service

  • TGV Transports SA facilities provide a fully fledged logistic platform, ideally located at the heart of the Euregio Meuse-Rhin and at the border between Wallonia, Flanders (15 min), Netherlands (20 min) and Germany (30 min).
  • Thanks to its 6,000 m2 warehouse, TGV Transports SA offers all the logistic facilities you would expect with high added value: order preparation, storing, warehousing (short and long term)...

Contact our sales team to receive a tailored quote, taking into account the characteristics of your products and meeting your specific needs.

Container stuffing and unstuffing

Logistical efficiency plays a primary role in the success of any business engaged in international trade. To guide our clients towards this goal, we offer a container stuffing and unstuffing service that facilitates the transport and distribution process.

Stuffing refers to loading goods into containers for shipping, while unstuffing involves unloading the goods from the containers upon arrival. These processes require meticulous precision, effective time management, and expert handling to avoid delays and damages.

Our Strengths

  • Expertise: Our team of qualified professionals is trained to handle various types of goods, ensuring secure and efficient processing.
  • Timesaving: Outsourcing stuffing and unstuffing allows you to save valuable time. We optimize these processes for you, reducing loading and unloading times.
  • Risk reduction: Mistakes during stuffing or unstuffing can lead to costly material damages. TGV Transports SA minimizes these risks, thereby ensuring product safety.
  • Appropriate infrastructure: TGV Transports SA has modern facilities for container stuffing and unstuffing, ensuring efficient handling of goods, regardless of their size or nature.
  • Cost optimization: Outsourcing these operations can reduce costs related to acquiring and maintaining specific equipment. TGV Transports SA provides you with a turnkey solution, without the expenses associated with internal management.

In conclusion, our container stuffing/unstuffing service adds significant value to your logistics chain. If you would like to know how this service can save you time and money, please contact our sales department.

Container stuffing and unstuffing Container stuffing

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